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Regional Staff

The regional staff is comprised of volunteers from the local community who are dedicated to helping make region 223 the best experience possible for the families within the region. If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to send an email or just come up and talk to one of the staff at any of the local events (we're the ones wearing the region 223 gear) - we're here to help!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any of the staff listed below or email us at

The staff is made up of a board of directors and additional regional staff. Please take a look at the descriptions to see what each positions responsibilities include. 

Board PositionName
Regional CommissionerJeremy Amos
TreasurerJP Zingmark
Safety DirectorJane Walker
CVPANora Encinas
Coach AdministratorKim Apana
Assistant Coach AdministratorCristina Ballard
Assistant Coach AdministratorAndrew Jackman
Coach Mentor & Keeper TrainerJose Soltero
Referee AdministratorEric Dennis
RegistrarDebbie Bluth
Member at LargeSteve Apana
Event CoordinatorOpen
Coach CoordinatorRoberto Lopez
Referee CoordinatorKevin White
Information Technology / WebmasterEric Sandoz
Purchasing DirectorOpen
Field Operations CoordinatorTom Semple
Elite CoordinatorRoberto Lopez
Select CoordinatorMindy Burnett
Spring CoordinatorOpen


Staff PositionName
Volunteer CoordinatorOpen
Uniform CoordinatorKacie Boustead
Picture Day CoordinatorOpen
Mt. Diablo World Cup CoordinatorJorge Cordova
Mt. Diablo World Cup CoordinatorAnthony Campos
Publicity Communications CoordinatorOpen
Team Parent CoordinatorOpen
Certified Coach InstructorKim Apana
Certified Referee InstructorJeremy Amos
Certified Referee InstructorFranco Brunamonti
Equipment CoordinatorOpen
U5 CoordinatorOpen
U6 CoordinatorOpen
U7 Girls CoordinatorMichelle Eyre
U7 Boys CoordinatorJoe Knapp
U8 Girls CoordinatorTod Taylor
U8 Boys CoordinatorStaci Castagnetto
U10 Girls CoordinatorMatt Reynolds
U10 Boys CoordinatorAlex Salas
U12 Girls CoordinatorAmber Salas
U12 Boys CoordinatorDavid Harwood
U14 Girls CoordinatorGreg Jecker
U14 Boys CoordinatorGreg Jecker
U16/U19 CoordinatorGreg Jecker


Safety Resources

The AYSO Incident Report Form is used whenever there is a personal injury, damaged property, or threats of or actual physical violence surrounding an AYSO game, practice, event or property. The form should be prepared by the Coach, AYSO Official, or other AYSO Volunteer. The form may also be prepared by a member of the regional staff such as the regional safety director, or by tournament or event staff members.